Starting business in 1995, Sports IT Ltd undertook developing a software system for medical practitioners to handle clients, bookings and payment. This resulted in the Clinic Aide product which is used across New Zealand in leading Chiropractor, Physiotherapy and Osteopath practices. Clinic Aide quickly became the leading product in the industry with advanced functionality for it's time.

In 1998, Sports IT undertook a new product to develop a bookings system for sports clubs which would automate a large number of manual processes that most clubs put up with. Sport Manager was the result of this project, being introduced to many sports clubs around New Zealand. Sport Manager proved to be both stable and reliable.

In 2005, Sports IT went about re-designing Sport Manager. A number of features remain similar but with the improvement in web technologies, Sport Manager had the potential to become a lot more user-friendly and provide a rich set of functionality for club administrators and members.

Sport Manager 2 (SM2) was the result of this development sporting a new web application for members to manage their accounts online. Members can make, delete and view bookings, top up their account and update their details. Club administrators have a range of extra features available to them. The Admin and Booking Applications were re-designed and the related lighting and door controllers updated.

In 2010, development on Sport Manager iBookings (SMi) began. SMi was designed to be a more affordable version of SM2, only requiring a small set up cost and a low monthly cost. This gives all clubs a streamlined tool to handle their bookings and members online.

Today development is continuing on SM2 and SMi, adding new features and making the most of new technologies as they become available. A smart-phone application is available for Sport Manager 2 users on iOS and Android.