Custom made hardware for complete integration

Automated Lighting

Lighting for your courts is controlled through Sport Manager 2. Each court is automated to turn on and off for bookings letting your club run itself!

Control Your Doors

Our door controller can be integrated into almost any door locking mechanism giving you and people in your club easy access.


The main Sport Manager application runs on your club computer. This is where all the magic happens! Another computer is generally in the entry area to your club for people to make bookings. Add more computers as you please!

Integrate Your Other Devices

Because it's just easier if everything is in one place - we can integrate control of your heaters, alarm, background lights (and even your jug!) into Sport Manager.

Prox Cards

Each member in your club is issued a proximity card which gives them access to your club and identifies them on the bookings computer.

Coin And Note Readers

Want members to be able to pay at the club using money? We can integrate coin and note readers into Sport Manager so you don't have to do anything - their balance gets updated automatically.