People are important to your club
Our system helps you to best cater for everyone

All Your People in One Place

Categorize people in your club to easily communicate with different groups of people.

Create Charge Types

Because there are different rates for members, we have made it easy to create charge types and assign them. The graphical display of charges for different times show you exactly what a member will be charged at a given time.

Set Overspend Levels

Some people may be able to overspend their current balance. Set different categories for overspend amounts.

Control What People See

You have control of what people can view and access in the site. Set which personal details they can edit, when they can book and more.

Custom Searches

Because you may want to find all people with last name Smith and lives in Wadestown - our custom search makes it easy to find the people you are looking for quickly.

Contact On Your Schedule

Send Email and SMS messages on your schedule. Do you want people to get an email when they book and a reminder on the day of the booking? You choose.

Visitors And Casuals

It is easy to have visitors and casual players at your club. Increase your bookings and get more members!